Our Vision: 

Northern Marianas Technical Institute will provide a world-class regional training center with a state of the art facility, equipment, and instructional tools handling at least 200 students.

Our Mission: 

Northern Marianas Technical Institute will provide quality technical trades and other related occupational programs designed to expand the quantity and quality of the CNMI's labor pool of skilled workers, and thereby support the Commonwealth's economical development.

The NMTI Trades Experience

On behalf of NMTI’s students, staff, and faculty, I extend our sincerest appreciation to all of you for continuing to see the need for Trades education in the Commonwealth.  Your contributions towards our overall growth in one way or another is an investment in the CNMI’s workforce development efforts.  I encourage all of our stakeholders to come and visit us in Lower Base to see the level of improvements made in the name of “hands on education.”

I’ve been an educator my entire career.  Each role that I took in the field was because there was a need.  I’ve come back from out of retirement, as this is a decisive time in the CNMI.  Our inaction could be catastrophic to the overall wellness of our economy which in turn affects the quality of life of every individual that calls this home.

NMTI has grown significantly since opening in 2008.  The type of education provided is focused on the concept of “learning by doing.”  We call this the NMTI experience.  A very distinct type of education in which the student earns a skill that can be used for starting their own businesses as well as being a member of the workforce.

Although we will not be able to cater to all the workforce demands of the CNMI, NMTI is poised to take on several segments by placing competent individuals in areas specific to the construction, automotive, and hospitality industries respectively.  This undertaking however requires all our efforts, as established partnerships bring about great results.

Once again thank you for visiting our website and we look forward to seeing you on campus, Si Yu’us ma’ase, and Olomwaay reemi

Agnes M. McPhetres

Chief Executive Officer